Name of the College
Is the State/UT covered under this component
Has the state/UT implemented reforms/given commitment to reforms
Details – University & College wise :
Plans for research & innovation
Adoption of metauniversity concept that offer cross university education & credit transfer facility to students
Procure high quality e-resources
Upgrade library and laboratory facilities
Facilities like Incubation centre,Innovation hubs, etc.
Initiatives to attract top-rated international faculty
Competitive compensation for faculty
Merit-based scholarships
Fully-funded doctoral fellowships
Exposure visits for both faculty and students
Faculty and students exchange programs with world-class institutions
Initiatives to scale up industry-academia partnership
Promotion of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research centres
Support for the setting up of science parks & cutting edge technology & instrumentationfacility
Support different types of research programs
Top quality University Convergence model
Outreach and public engagement facility
Staff excellence and organizational stewardship
Support in bifurcating undergraduate,postgraduate and research programs
Identify a few depts.Or fields of critical importance and move them into a positionof world leadership
Research, Innovation and Quality Improvement Grant to Colleges:
Name of the College in descending order of importance
Name Research, Innovation and Quality Improvement measures ((2014-2015),(2015-2016),(2016-2017))
Grant to University Post Graduate Department:
Name of University