Whether Govt./Pvt./Aided?
Name of College
Distance from Lead College (KM)
Land Area of the College
Year of Establishment
Whether Autonomous college
Whether College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)
Number of Departments
Total Students Enrolled in undergraduate programme
Total Students Enrolled in postgraduate programme
Total Number of Teachers (sanctioned positions)
Student Teacher (sanctioned position) Ratio
Total Number of Teachers (actual in position)
Total number of Administrative and Support Staff
Accreditation Grade
Number of Books in Library
Number of Computers
Student Hostel
Number of Quarters
Whether separate Sports Complex
Whether Academic Council in position
Whether Board ofStudies/Research Councils in position
Whether Finance Committeesin position
Whether it is autonomous college
Total revenue accrual of
Total Revenue (including grants from government and UGC) (2012-13)
Total per annum expenditure(2012-13)
Five Important reasons for upgradation
The proposed college falls under, please specify (Tier-1/Tier-2/Tier-3)
Details for the proposed college
Administrative Area
School of Sciences
School of Social Sciences
School of Engineering,Technology &Computer Technology
School of Teacher Education
School of Humanities and Liberal Arts
Classrooms (Common)
Central library